Setting up

The steps to set up the wordpress blog are clear and straightforward. Experience in blogging software is not needed to set up the basics online with WordPress.  

It was the next step I stumbled over.   I downloaded a theme as a separate file and then could not apply it to the site.   More of a worry is that I could not get back to the published posts to decide how to enhance the page.

After twenty-four hours I can now locate and edit posts.  Incorrect use of the update button resulted in the loss of reflection notes covering weeks two and three.  The work was redone and then found two hours later.   What amazes me is that on the first two visits I was unsure how to get page to the published blog.   Three days later I realise it is a simple click on the blog title and can now confidently move from post edits to published content.

I am now creating and saving the weekly reflection post in a word document as a back up.

After a few visits I have updated the theme using one of the randomly displayed options on   Drag and dropped widgets into sidebars.

Categories added and after a bit of exploration used ‘Quick Edit’ to add relevant category to existing posts.  The next step was to edit some of the default text in the footer and within ‘about’.   A start has been made…


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