Week 1, 2 and 3 Reflection

Week One

The content on e-books posted for week one is relevant to my worksite and I enjoyed the background to the development of content for each e-reader device.   The uptake by Random House, Hachette and Harlequin to the more versatile EPUB format is of interest after reviewing .pdf, .lit, Mob and AZW.   I can now understand that EPUB is not encrypted (no DRM) and composed of three open standards – OPS, OPF and OCF.  

The Adobe Digital Editions download was a useful exercise and my review as requested in week one is attached.   Task 1 e-Books 26 July 2010

The references to copyright issues and workflow issues added depth to the content.   I find the ongoing ‘freedom of creativity -v- copyright protection debate absorbing’.

The options for assessment seem broad enough for professional and personal growth.

Week 2

The content during the second week mapped publishing from traditional and contemporary perspectives.  The traditional steps from content authoring to distribution were compared to electronic publishing.

I look forward to understanding more about how .xml based software is used in addition to practical implementation of new design elements.  The issues concerning layout and onscreen representation increased my interest in elements of instructional design to encourage reader engagement.

The distribution and supply challenges highlighted during week two, including the merging role of publisher and distributor, are of interest as I work with a supplier of content to public libraries.    The concept of content download and payment per chapter is interesting and the business models that can maintain title selection and service levels in addition to covering costs are a challenge.  The discussion on territorial rights within changing definitions of publishing was also of benefit.

Discussing the ease today of self-publishing I was reminded by an author last week that self-publishing has always flourished and the difference now is that the outcome is more immediate.

Week 3

The content for topic 3: Web 2.0 and Publishing was less challenging than the first two topics.   There have been many web 2.0 seminars over the past few years.   Content in the final third of the presentation regained interest and it has been valuable to obtain practical WordPress experience and access http://www.citeuline.org.


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