Week 5 Digital Readability

Three websites were viewed to assess digital readability using the following guidelines scannability, writing style,  level of chunked content and suitability of font


Good to see there is not welcome page or separate introductory messages.  Noticed the paragraph describing the ‘Comic Range’ could we shorter and use simpler text to get straight to the point.    There is the opportunity to chunk more leave less text on the opening page and hyperlinking to second level content.   There are direct links to some featured titles but not all.  Unnecessary text also under the heading of ‘New Pricing’ where the words ‘pleased to announce’ are not needed and also date the posting of the information to the site.  New ‘Nancy Drew’ title on the front page could also have more chunked content leading to second level information.  Front page uses two clear columns of left aligned text.  The catalogue of different titles is well chunked providing the basics only and leading to a second level to describe more detail.  Indie category should replace the ‘alternative’ sub-category’ within music.



Noticed for the first time on this site that although the text appears to be Verdana it is less ‘readable’ than www.digitales.com.au   Main menu buttons are on the left side rather than at the top which may fit in with the scanning hotspots mentioned in week five presentation.  The largest text heading that visitors access is self promotion rather than content for librarians.   Interesting news on front page describing ‘Book of the Month’ to increase visitor engagement, otherwise movement to other pages is essential.

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