Week 5 Rewriting to enhance ‘scannability’

Scientific Publishing will be driven by technology

Is is claimed that ‘publishers that don’t become technology driven will die off’ and that the ‘decision-makers will be people with deep technological expertise’

Many new start-up journals and doing things differently.   We are reminded of the number of failures from companies and entire industries that refused to adapt to a changing technological landscape.

World’s Oldest Company Fails

How can a success story in Japan for 1500years suddenly fail?  Kongo Gumi has joined the likes of General Motors, Lehman Brothers and MCI Worldcom.

Kongo Gumi  had operated successfuly within Japans construction trade for almost 1500years.  The company no longer exists.   It had more than 100 employees, and 70 million dollars in revenue

Large companies unable to change?

The article highlights that the larger the company – the larger the immune system.   Companies often ignore the signs confirming their need to change.  So large allowing their ‘immune’ systems’ to protect them from the need to adapt.


Read the text:
Is scientific publishing about to be disrupted? by Michael Nielsen 

Re-write the text (in your blog) so it can be readily read/scanned by:

1. Summarise the article with a brief abstract.

2. Redraft each major section using bullet points and section headings where appropriate.You may omit content where appropriate

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