Week 6 Website Usability

The useability measures www.usability.gov/au/methods including

  1. Ease of learning
  2. Efficiency of use
  3. Memorability
  4. Error frequency and severity
  5. Subjective satisfaction

will be tested today.  A tester and moderator will complete a cognitive walkthrough using the following approach:

General discussion about time spend per week on email -v- web browsing.  Sites visited the tester finds useful.

Requests to discuss the purpose and first impression of the www.digitales.com.au website

  1. Find suitable resources for a library patron with low reading skills.
  2. Contact details if you have a question about payment
  3. Find and describe the services offered by DES

Ask tester for two positives and two negatives about the site being tested.

The test environment was an office in South Melbourne with the moderator Georgie Monley and recorder Virginia Krumins seated behind the tester.

To commence the test the script was read to Georgie and she was questioned about the time she spends on email and web browsing.  Time spent is about five hours per week and when she clicked on the site she was initially unsure of the site’s purpose.   Initial impressions included that it was colourful and bold with a simple layout.   She continued the test; clearly expressing her thoughts out loud.

Responses to each task and bolded followup:

  1. The tester went straight to the ‘Reluctant Reader’ tab on the website but was frustrated when the drop down menus appeared to be a bit ‘slippery’
  2. Contact details were found but not easily as the size and depth of font is a bit weak.  When the contact email link was activated it defaults to outlook which means non outlook users need to copy and paste.   Would an enquiry box be better.   The section to enter details and organise payment of a product seemed a bit out of date.   The postcode did not appear when suburb was entered.  Do past user details appear? 
  3. The services link was found athough not that obvious.   Detail seemed to lengthy and not much ‘about’ the company.  Separate ‘About’ from ‘Services’


Clean site.   No advertisements or confusing information.  Simple bright colour scheme.


Not enough reviews or extra information such as events, library community events, staff profiles, recent news.  Maybe too orange.  Could the colour be softer?

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