Scale of Frankfurt Buchmesse

There must be a way to prepare for the scale of the Frankfurt Book Fair. A one hour guided tour on day one perhaps. The Book Fair takes up 8 halls, some multi level.

There are mini buses to help the 250,000 visitors, 7,500 exhibitors, 75,000 trade professionals move between the massive halls. The stat that hall 3 of the 8 is three times the size of Jeff’s Shed encouraged the immediate need to be organised.

Many of the workshops were in German with Hall 8 housing most of the english foreign publishers.  Workshops on the existing epub 2.01 and new epub standard 3.0 highlighted that it will be able to deal with a wider range of script incorporating arabic, hebrew, asian languages in addition to be able to deal more effectively with tables and graphs.   New controls for page layout and additional functionality for educational publishing were discussed.   The final draft of the new standard is expected in November 2010.

I needed to know some basics.   The emphasis in each workshop was ‘styles, styles and styles’ in the original document.   Style according to typesetting principles.   Indesign will output to epub but cannot from a .pdf.   Must have .xml.   Our speakers considered html5 will be everywhere.

Do we continue with indesign as cannot expect writers to use native. .xml tools such as oxygen which would mean that the content was ‘ready to go’

So much more to know.  The latest trends in ebook sales weas posted on the IDPF website:


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