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Topic 10 XML Workflows

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. The tags used to mark up instructions are not fixed they have the ability to be extended.   Examples were presented to reflect a language developed for chemical research. Unfortunately have not been able to access the demonstration of the RMIT xml based publishing workflow.   Taken from the University of Wisconsin … Continue reading

Topic 9 Publishing on the web (WordPress)

The topc 9 task was a useful start to extending my knowledge.   The simplicity of adding new pages gives the learner confidence that the blog can start to look like a multipage website. Just as valuable are the HTML walkthrough notes explaining the basics helped me realise that Hyper Text Markup Language is used to create … Continue reading

Scale of Frankfurt Buchmesse

There must be a way to prepare for the scale of the Frankfurt Book Fair. A one hour guided tour on day one perhaps. The Book Fair takes up 8 halls, some multi level. There are mini buses to help the 250,000 visitors, 7,500 exhibitors, 75,000 trade professionals move between the massive halls. The stat that hall 3 of … Continue reading

Topic 8 On the way to Frankfurt ……

Lulu exercise on the way.  Aim is to complete using images from the Frankfurt Book Fair Digital Education Services http://www.digitales.com.au is visiting the Frankfurt to view the latest ebook options. We are interested in how the convergence of technologies can enhance learning for emergent readers. Particularly want to research more on the blended approach that works for … Continue reading

Topic 7: Images in Electronic Publishing

Raster -v- Vector Images BMP, TIFF, PICT, GIF (8bit – 256 colours), JPG (millions of colours), PNG    I am just starting to identify the differences between these Raster Images and the file space saving benefits within in each format.   A long way to go, but it was a useful to view the demonstration on 8 September 2010 using the ‘Mode’ function … Continue reading

Week 6 Website Usability

The useability measures http://www.usability.gov/au/methods including Ease of learning Efficiency of use Memorability Error frequency and severity Subjective satisfaction will be tested today.  A tester and moderator will complete a cognitive walkthrough using the following approach: General discussion about time spend per week on email -v- web browsing.  Sites visited the tester finds useful. Requests to discuss the purpose … Continue reading

Week 5 Rewriting to enhance ‘scannability’

Scientific Publishing will be driven by technology Is is claimed that ‘publishers that don’t become technology driven will die off’ and that the ‘decision-makers will be people with deep technological expertise’ Many new start-up journals and doing things differently.   We are reminded of the number of failures from companies and entire industries that refused to adapt … Continue reading

Week 5 Digital Readability

Three websites were viewed to assess digital readability using the following guidelines scannability, writing style,  level of chunked content and suitability of font http://www.digitales.com.au Good to see there is not welcome page or separate introductory messages.  Noticed the paragraph describing the ‘Comic Range’ could we shorter and use simpler text to get straight to the point.    … Continue reading

Week 4 Online Libraries

Database Search and Comparison Relevant articles could be located in each of the four online databases Emerald, Proquest, Ebcohost and Informit.   As the session focussed on the development of Informit there was familiarity to commence searching.   Articles and initial impressions are listed in the following table: Database Usability Topic A Journal Articles Topic B Journal … Continue reading

Week 1, 2 and 3 Reflection

Week One The content on e-books posted for week one is relevant to my worksite and I enjoyed the background to the development of content for each e-reader device.   The uptake by Random House, Hachette and Harlequin to the more versatile EPUB format is of interest after reviewing .pdf, .lit, Mob and AZW.   I can … Continue reading